Hotels Properties in Belgravia UK

Belgrave Square, one of the biggest and most impressive 19th century squares, is considered the centerpiece for the entire city. It was originally designed and built by Thomas Cubitt for the 2nd Earl Grosvenor. The majority of the homes within the square were occupied almost instantly – by 1840. The buildings in the area are known for being white stuccoed homes, detached mansions, and private gardens adorning most of the property within the area. Truly the only people subsiding within the square are the wealthy families of days far gone by. Today, however, Eaton Square, Chester Square, and Upper Belgrave Street have also expanded to provide exquisite properties.

Attractions in Belgravia

For those simply visiting the area for a holiday, Belgravia is known for more than just its property values. The city is the home to various sightseeing tours, notable bars and clubs, and even the ATP World Tour Finals – an indoor tennis competition witnessed across the globe. If you are seeking high-end tourism, a quick visit to Harvey Nichols should be on your must-visit list while in town. You can dine in the elegant restaurant on the top floor, or simply shop in the bottom floors for a wonderful gift to bring home.

Hotels in Belgravia